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Kelly's Ice Cream Truck

Southern Maine's Ice Cream Truck for Hire

Hire An Ice Cream Truck for Your Next Event!

What's more fun than an ice cream truck?  An ice cream truck that you don't have to 'catch'! Hire Kelly's Ice Cream Truck for your next party or special event and watch everyone's smiles get bigger.

What's Your Favorite Ice Cream Truck Treat?

What's Your Favorite from Kelly's Ice Cream Truck?

Is it a creamcicle?  A ninja turtle? Maybe it's a fudgecicle or an ice cream sandwich. Think back to those hot summer days and the sound of the ice cream truck.  Just because you're all grown up, doesn't mean you can't enjoy that summer time treat.  It's fun for all ages!  And delicious too!

We are Proud Sponsors of the Standish Little League & The Rangers Little League Team

Kelly's Ice Cream Truck Sponsors Standish Little League Team

Kelly's Ice Cream Truck is proud to sponsor the Standish, Maine Little League and the Rangers Little League Team!

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