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Looking for something unique and fun for your next party, gathering or event? Hire Kelly's Ice Cream Truck.

When you hire Kelly's Ice Cream Truck you bring fun, smiles and fond memories of summer's gone by.  Surprise your guests or attendee's with a real, honest to goodness, ice cream truck serving up their childhood favorites.

We love adding ice cream and smiles to birthday parties, graduation parties, corporate events, employee appreciations, grand openings, weddings, family reunions, running events, church gatherings, neighborhood block parties and more.

It's not just kids who love the ice cream truck!

Ice Cream Truck Treats from Kelly's Ice Cream Truck

Our Ice Cream Offerings:

Kelly's Ice Cream Truck offers over 40 different ice cream/popsicle treats!

Kelly's Ice Cream Truck offers over 40 treats.
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The Smiles Say It All!